After much editing I finished final version of "LACKENART GEARVINA".

After much editing I finished final version of “LACKENART GEARVINA”. ( based on my design previous: ). Now, this clockskin has 2 versions include " gearvina ailien" and “gearvina classic”.
This is my design, you can download and use it free
Please let me know your comments after use.
thank for watching!
Download ( 2 version) :

Beautiful. Thanks

Nice work, I think really really hard to made, and set to CSM , congrats. :slight_smile:

Every Part of this Watchface is perfect build. Bright Colors and a great Gearplay. One more a Fantastic Work!
Thank you :slight_smile:

Perfect ! Thank you

brilliant face. thank´s

Excellent work @Vi_t_Ng_c_Le

Rather splendid, Thanks

Beautiful thanks

cảm ơn rất nhiều :slight_smile:

can someone explain me how i can add it into watchmaker ?

@Polorider this is not for android wear at all.

VNL cho mình hỏi. Làm thế nào để lấy hình cá nhân làm watchface ? Có app nào hỗ trợ mình làm ?

@Lao_Anh_Ki_t : hãy vào đường dẫn sau và tải về bản cài đặt, nó là phần mềm thiết kế mặt đồng hồ tốt nhất cho các “phiên bản x và plus”:

@Vi_t_Ng_c_Le Thanks

@Dicas_do_DI yes - they are in .zip file format with correct xml files.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Cool, thanks for the info.

@Eneias_Aquila If you want to request a face you just post the photo with a link to the manufacturer and leave it as a general request. You don’t just jump on to an artist’s thread and do what you have done.

@Eneias_Aquila no problem. Everyone has to learn how things work. I generally recommend rading the very first post here on the community and the community rules. And then join the tech support forum and get into all the guides and information we have there to help you guys :slight_smile:
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