Advice is appreciated

Hello to everyone in this great forum.
I had owned the Kospet Prime for almost 2 years, then I lost it. It was a really good watch, that’s why I decided to stick with the Full Android watches. But since the A10 is out I need your advice to know what exactly to buy.
I have two options: the Lemfo Lem 12 pro with A10 and the Lokmat Lo02 with A7 (but Amoled display)
I know that many have already tried the Lem 12 Pro. Or any watch similar. How do you find it guys? How’s the A10? Does it still have bugs or are they all sorted out?
How about the battery life? Does it past for a complete day with one charge?
Thanks in advance

The lem12 pro is a great watch . The size is sensible and firmware complete . You can also improve it by using the FAW international firmware which gives it great features and battery life :+1:


I like the Lem12 Pro a lot too. I use it as my workout watch because it (along with the original Lem12) has the best heart rate monitor of any FAW I know, especially when used in conjunction with my app HeartFit.

However my current favourite watch overall is the Optimus 2 mostly because of the bigger battery and better camera.

On both I highly recommend upgrading to the international firmware.


LEM 12Pro is pretty solid. I have only used the FAW intl firmware on this watch and can’t imagine using the OEM software for any significant amount of time. My only complaint is the sim cover leaks sweat and as a result, disconnects my cellular. My fix was to place a piece of tape over the sim door. So far so good.

Can’t comment on the Lockmat, specifically. But, as far as a 7.1.1 watch compared to an A10 watch, I really appreciate the work done to fully integrate Google services for the A10 watches. Unfortunately, the 7.1.1 watches can not match this and suffer because of it, IMHO. Hope that helps.