Advice for a smartwatch replacement


We have been using an Android 9 smartwatch with our custom launcher application to provide services for domestic violence victims and at-risk social workers.
The model we were using was an LT10 but that seems to no longer be available.

I’m trying to find a replacement model that fits the following requirements:

  1. Should be suitable for male and female wearers. That means it shouldn’t be too bulky, and ideally be quite sleek/minimal
  2. Need to be able to install our own applications and disable some of the stock apps. This could be via the Play store or through ADB.
  3. Needs to have Google services (primarily for location)
  4. Should support VoLTE in Australia. The LT10 doesn’t actually support this but I think it’s needed for the new model. I’m open to trying to configure the VoLTE support myself if the device can be rooted.
  5. Preferably the device runs Android 9. I’m doing some tests to see whether our existing app supports 8.1 or 10.

Can anyone recommend a suitable watch?

To clarify, the budget probably only extends to “cheap” Chinese watches as essentially these are generally given to the wearers and used for a 6-12 month term.
I’ve been looking through Aliexpress and the like, but it’s hard to get information about the devices and you can’t trust the information you read.

Most of the devices seem to be Android 8.1, I need to confirm whether that would work for my needs or not.

If you would consider android 7.1.1 this is a great deal.

Myself and @G1NT0N1C bought one of these and its brilliant.

Great firmware / screen / performance etc

Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out!
£37.19 48%OFF | LZAKMR NEW KC08 4G NET Smart Watch Men 1.39" AMOLED Screen Wifi Android OS 16G ROM GPS Map Global Version Dial Call Passometer


Thanks for that. The aesthetic of that watch is good and the price is within budget. I don’t think my existing app will work on Android 7.1.1 though.

You will be surprised what works on A7.1.1

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