Added a wrist pad..looks good I think.

Added a wrist pad…looks good I think.

Yes… Very good look…

What watch face is that?

Wow, that’s actually a very good idea to preserve the original watchband, especially if you use the watch to workout =)

It also seems to hold the magnetic charger in place more securely. Sorry I can’t remember the watch face name…but it is available in here somewhere.

I was trying to make it look sorta old style meets new…I remember watching the Rocketeer when I was young and it kinda looks something along that style. I might make another as it was a quick job with no measurements all done by eye.

I’ve been using the same idea for quite a while with my d6 it’s the best way I found to keep the moisture out of a cracked back

Yes…very simple to make…an old wide belt…cut to size v or round the ends…I used a couple of brass strips through the leather at each side to hold the watch in place and that’s it. Easy.