About the Unsupported Watches category

In this category you can discuss watches that we do not support here. Since these are currently dominating the market and are available under many different names, we no longer want to stop the discussion about this. However, we are still of the opinion that you should refrain from purchasing it.

Even though the hardware may not be that bad for some, the software is usually a big problem. And no one should hope for updates here.
Be that as it may, since there are people who want to buy it, we also want to give space here to discuss it: What problems are there and which of them can be solved by installing apps? This category is intended for such questions.

However, we moderators will provide almost no help: As a rule, we do not own these watches and therefore cannot find solutions to problems.
I would therefore like to ask everyone not to tag moderators in this category: we are not the right contacts for these devices. Even if we should perhaps still take a stand on one problem or another.