A week ago I put TRWP recovery on my X3/K9 so SPFlash Tool and

A week ago I put TRWP recovery on my X3/K9 so SPFlash Tool and driver worked fine. I also used MTK Tools to reboot in recovery mode and then install superus.

Now the problem is that I’m trying to make a full firmware backup with “read back” from SPFlash tool but when I hook to the cable the read back doesn’t start.

I switch off the smartwatch first, I press the read back on SP Flash Tool, then I hook the cradle but nothing happen and the smartwatch start charging.

I didn’t disconnect the battery but I didn’t disconnect it when I put the TWRP recovery neither. I would prefer not try to disconnect the battery. Is not so simple and I don’t wanna damage it.

What can I do?

I use TWRP to take full backup.

Can you please explain how step by step?
Thx a lot.

Use MTK or mobile unckle tools to reboot in recovery mode. You wrote that you have TWRP so in recovery mode the watch will open in TWRP. After select backup in TWRP and check all things and swipe to backup. When it is finish reboot the watch.

where can I find mobile uncle tool?

I uploaded it now. Can you find it?

I made a backup with TWRP but it is not like a firmware backup from SPTool.

If the watch bricks and you can’t boot anymore the SPTools, if think, is the only way. And I don’t know why in my case SPTools that worked a week ago now seems not recognize the smartwatch like when I dind’t installed the driver. But then I installed it and put TWRP recovery.
Now I tried even to disinstall the drivers and install it again but still nothing, SP Tools don’t start.
I even tryed to put again the TWRP recovery I already put in my watch like I did 1 week ago, just to try download instead “read back” and don’t work.
Sometimes windows says “The device is not recognized”


I wanna be able to use SPTools in case it bricks, otherwise I can’t try anything!!!

You can use Mtk droid tools to change this backup to a flashable file for SpFlash tool but I do not know how? But you can find in google by searhing :slight_smile: