A request from +Lionel Vig.

A request from +Lionel Vig.

The : Serge Blanco

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@bricky_vl you made my day! I’ve won 50€ because you did it! But- you were 2 hours faster then I predict. Respect! And, by the way- good job!

Thanks you !

@G1NT0N1C :joy::joy::joy:
Thank you!!!
It was really a very simple skin to make.
It is that you live so far away otherwise you could buy me a beer.
And by the way, am I so predictable then :wink:.

You’re welcome!!!

@bricky_vl :joy:oh yes, I really would like to have a drink with you (or two)! But I think, It’s minimum an half day by car: Hamburg, Germany.:blush:

it is quite far by Dutch standards.:blush:
About 5 hours drive from my home Druten, Netherlands

@bricky_vl I’ll let you know if I am nearby. I am from Time to Time. Would be cool…

@G1NT0N1C that’s good!!
would be fun.

@bricky_vl very nice :slight_smile:
Happy drinking :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 thank’s!!!
And come join us :sunglasses: