A request for Nicholas Herczeg I took my original design,

A request for @Nicholas_Herczeg

I took my original design, changed the star to red, added battery level and date with their boxes and took the edited red moon phases that +Peter V made.

Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1f1VUphDbt4sVuq8ql-Mkp6r-GSwP8aI6

Credits for: http://www.schaumburgwatch.com and +Peter V


@Jorge_Gonzalez Sorry for taking so long, but thank you. I have Asperger’s and having the date and power just floating the way it was with the particular font, it just hit me the wrong way. This variation is a bit nicer…with minimal change. Thank you again.

@Nicholas_Herczeg No problem man✓