A new section is now available.

A new section is now available.

The great free software “Watch Face Designer” is getting better and better. Thanks to +Marco Ferreira for all the hard work he put into it. Meanwhile, the program supports many great features that needs Universal Launcher, done by @Eric_Crochemore , to work properly. For all this faces, that needs Universal Launcher, this section is now available.
I will try to postpone the affected posts to the new section the next days. I could use some help: If you have done a face in the past and you know that Universal Launcher is absolutely necessary for it to run properly, please go to the comments in your post and send me a short message. This would be a great. Thank you all for all the great work!

Very good. Greets

Thanks. I’ve just posted you a short message on my posts requiring Universal Launcher.

@Jurgen_Oberst if there is any of your faces that needs Universal launcher, please send me a PM.

@G1NT0N1C thanks.
As I said yesterday - this will help people who are not sure about the Launcher faces. Well done mate :slight_smile:

@G1NT0N1C nope not a single one Needs Universal launcher :slight_smile: greets