A fish or a fishing rod?

A fish or a fishing rod?

A street beggar seeks alms from the wise man at the temple. “Oh wise and munificent one. I am hungry and need a fish to eat. Please give me a fish.”
The wise man smiled kindly at the beggar and replied, “I could give you a fish and feed you for one day. But I could also give you the tools to catch your own - a fishing rod, so that you might feed yourself every day.”
A small tear welled in the eye of the beggar. He took the hand of the wise man and said, “That sounds a bit too much like hard work. Can’t I just pop by tomorrow and get another fish?”


I’ve a busy day tomorrow so can’t make a Sunday Funday watchskin… I hoped that this would fill the void :slight_smile:

Community is filled every day with recurring questions, this is the first time that one MODERATOR express his point of view about this issue, there’s nothing to discuss here

@Alessandro_Limonta HI AL…
You wouldn’t see this funny story anywhere else… it’s 100% me… and of course, you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to… do you know how not to read things?

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@Alessandro_Limonta Hi AL… I should offer the apology, I’d had a bad day (and that’s no excuse)… best regards, Andrew

@Alessandro_Limonta Ah… I used first and last initials :slight_smile: