A few days ago I showed a video on an app I developed to

A few days ago I showed a video on an app I developed to allow easy management of the watch faces on our watches. I placed the download link in the comments, but it got buried pretty quickly. So, for all of you who missed it, I created this new post with the download link, and the support thread link.

Please place any support questions and suggestions in the support thread, as that will make it easier for me to answer them in a single place, and for you to search for questions that might already been asked and answered, instead of having to monitor several threads. Thanks.

Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.marcoferreira.clockskintransfer
Support Thread: http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/thread/2504/clockskin-transfer
Original post with the video: https://plus.google.com/+MarcoFerreira1976/posts/339KTRFHES4

Thank you great work but in my zablaze thor after a while causes overheating

@Jaeson_Esle Thank you. Are you sure it’s Clockskin Transfer causing the overheating? That’s strange because if there is no request to it (uploading or deleting faces on the browser), the app is literally doing nothing at all! Could you try just enabling the wi-fi and not running my app, to see if the overheating still happens? It might be some background process doing updates now that they have internet available… If it doesn’t overheat except when you run Clockskin transfer, then it is in fact my app, and I’ll have to check what might be causing it (although I really have no idea, because it is supposed to be doing nothing!)

I found the problem apparently my watch lost the Wi-Fi signal several times during the transfer of Clockskin and trying to connect causing overheating

@Jaeson_Esle great (that you found the problem, of course). I’m glad it’s working now, and hope you enjoy using it :slight_smile:

again thanks for the apk works very well. regards

@Jaeson_Esle this was a problem with Thor 4 earlier firmware. But we have the latest version available in our support forum and it is much better now.
The link to our support forum is in the first post here and the community description.

This app is good. It can install any watchface. By extension .zip or .watch.

Thanks Pablo, I have the Zeblaze Thor with the BT call firmware. I was away from the router and did not have a good wifi signal

Wait we need a cable to install the watchfaces? Guess i did it wrong all the time cause i directly installed all watchfaces without using a cable Oo just needed chrome for our acess to comunity and google drive installed on my watch and winrar 3 klicks on the watch and every face from our community was installed on my watch ^^ cable for me was to transfer larger files and charging purposes. Greets everyone btw i knew it was my wife who lost my cable but i found it in our car. I am back :slight_smile:

Great app! Thanks for making it.

Bravo ! Félicitations ! Merci beaucoup !

@Bruno_MAS Pardon?
English please.


Thanks for the application, but when I delete a watch face on the Web it erases very long (about 40-50s), so how can I make it fast?

@Ok_Win8 It shouldn’t take long. In fact it should be almost instantaneous… I ask you to try again. Maybe the watch was doing something else at the same time. The only thing the app does is removing the files. It does have to remove the files one by one, so if you have a watchface with an incredible amount of files, it will take a little more time, but I never had one watchface taking more then 5 seconds to delete (or to upload, if that’s the case) unless the watch was doing something else at the same time (maybe an update or data sync on other app???). The typical time is somewhere below 2 seconds… I do have a limited pool of watches to test, though (only tested on a Finow X5 Air and on a AllCall W1), so other watches may behave differently…

@Marco_Ferreira Thanks =), I think I found out that my Finow x5 Air contains more than 300 @@ face clock, so it takes too long to reload the web, I deleted all the clock face and load Again the watch face is used and the web reload time is up a lot :slight_smile:
[**] I’m not good at speaking english and it is translated by google

how to load a face clock in the form of a folder?

@Ok_Win8 That’s not implemented. It can only upload in zip or watch format. The problem with the folder is that only files can be uploaded, not folders. That makes it possible for users to forget some files and get an incomplete watch face. That’s the reason I did not implemented it. Creating a zip file out of the folder is easy, saves space, and has faster transfer rates :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll have to check how to improve the reload time (for 300+ faces)… Maybe paged output (x watchfaces per page)???

Error open failed: EISDIR (Is a directory)

@11170 was that uploading or browsing? Do you have a folder with a name ending in .zip or .watch? Anyway, thanks for the report, I’ll try to check it and fix it. Could you please give more details on the forum? The link is here: http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/thread/2504/clockskin-transfer