A Clockwork Orange

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@doubledad As you would no doubt be the first to admit…I have helped you tremendously in the past! :woozy_face: Well today is no exception and once again I am putting my legendary (?! :crazy_face:) talents to work in your favor by helping you find a name for this…shall we say eye catching face. Only I (And I alone!) could come up with a name as fitting as…wait for it!..“A Clockwork Orange”! :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Stanley Kub…er…Doons

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Such an excellent name has to be celebrated with a few glasses of milk at the local bar :milk_glass: :rofl:

MILK!!! noidremained I used to despair for you, my friend,. Then I would think “Aw the boys ok, just needs to spend a little more time with the deadbeats in the Lounge” But walking in to a bar and ordering milk?!! You had just better hope that the more alcohol infused members like @G1NT0N1C , @Dr_Andy_Vishnu and @Eric_Crochemore don’t happen across this…why you could be banned for life…Or until you kick off whichever happens first! I think you best become a closet milk drinker my friend! :woozy_face: :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Doons

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Ah, Doons, Alexander really sucked you in… Milk is what Norwegians call aquavit!


haha, that would make more sense than drinking milk in a bar, wouldn’t it

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Singing in the rain! just singing in the rain!

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Help! Please translate…

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Guess I am getting old (now 81) 'cause - even if I saw the movie - I don’t remember it…

It was released in 1972 in the USA…and although it “Enjoys” a reputation as a mega violent and controversial film…it is in truth…deadly dull. Simply a flick showing mindless violence and a fanciful portrayal of how authorities propose a horrific way of altering the main characters violent personality. Stick to the Gene Kelly version of Singing in the rain doubledad…a much better movie and certainly much better entertainment. Cheers, Doons