72 watch-faces remains hidden inside the Watchnew.apk.

72 watch-faces remains hidden inside the Watchnew.apk.
This apk is probably the launcher used in KW88, and I am trying to find a way to make all of them available for use, since all resources needed to work are inside in apk source folders.

Also some nasty xml files will help us to produce new WFs with all possible hands enable, like weather info - battery - steps etc.

I hope to figure out soon how can we by-pass all those problems.
Probably all needed is to apply some patches in smali files of the apk.
I will let you informed in any case !!!








I salute you for trying and will buy you a cup of coffee if you succeed :wink: I saw it too a while agoo but too much noob myself… Tried but ended up accepting and ordered the D5+

My post is disabled from public view ?
I had to re-enable it again…

Excellent thanks for your work Dimitrios I’m still on the fence about getting a KW88 but opening up the WF features is the kind of thing that sways me

There is a guy called olivier who did this for the Blitz - here on the forum. No one has done it for the KW88 yet though.
Many faces don’t work or are incomplete see here https://plus.google.com/107625762144854187593/posts/CSPS8R2mH8U

@Dimitrios_Dagalidis @Martin_Nijhuis @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I have did it for KW88. Same situation here. Many watchfaces broken or incomplete. Don’t waste your time.

yep - I agree. By the way downloaded that tool you mentioned for de odexing. I should get it done soon. Unfortunately it brought down a trojan virus while trying to get to the actual download link so it will take a few hours to clean up my pc first.

@Smash_Smashin agree.

But someone understands the reason why they are there, but hidden??
Very strange…

@Antonio_Praca no - it’s simple really. The vendor Sinsoft made the same launcher for all watches. Depending on which watch it is - different faces will be available. So there are four watch makers using this OS (launcher) - they each have around 15 faces active and all different styles and sizes.
So - Sinsoft thought - let’s make it easy and just put all the faces in the one launcher. But depending on which watch is using it only 15 will be available to the particular watch.

Very nice news.
I was ready to do some smali magics but since already done, I think the next and more important is to understand the xml configuration needed to enable all possible readings like temp - Battery - Steps etc.

So I think we are 1 step behind the next generation of Complete Custom WFs… lol

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Sorry to hear that. That’s one of the reasons I don’t use Windows.
I tried to deodex them with some linux tools, but without success.

I already posted the link to the guy’s work who did this originally. We know about this. This whole thread is a duplication of what has been talked about before in Olivier’s post here:

this is not duplicate, this is my work pablo, i am split52 from XDA.:wink:

Ha ha ha - sorry - I would not have guessed if you hadn’t told me, lol
Good to see you over here :slight_smile:
Did you have a look at the other post? He got the faces but a lot were all over the place. Did you manage to correct them?
Of course the other issue is that they don’t scale when used on KW88…

yes, i know, and sorry my mistake, I think everything is correct, but I’m not perfect, haha … I put one by one faces, write values, layout, smali,etc… in my blitz everything works 100%, I think, haha … k88 is larger than blitz,i dont know if works, test and tell me something.

@luciano_Linde I tested the one I mentioned above - no go :frowning:
Hands and bits and peices were all over the place due to re-sizing …
I’ll try yours but this engine does not automatically resize like the X series launcher engine… Here is a deodexed system dump of the X3 Plus if you’re interested. We’re trying to encourage devs to create a standalone launcher using this face engine - as it has a ClockSkin folder where you can place as many custom faces as you like. With automatic resizing it is the best out there. A combination of this and the Sinsoft notification system would be the ultimate launcher which people would gladly pay for. If you’re interested - let me know if I can help with resources in any way…

Pablo, If i succeed in making my widget from the clockskin engine, could it solve part of the issue ?

@Eric_Crochemore what’s needed is a universal auto-scaling launcher with the X series face engine built in. It’s a tough nut to crack but we make sure that whoever succeeds is well rewarded… @Smash_Smashin and a few others have been thrown the gauntlet. I have high hopes here :slight_smile: