4g 3g switch button

Hi everyone!!
Does anybody know if there is some app that let us easily switch between the 4g and the 3g/2g network mode?
Like a round button of something like that.
On Google play store is an app called “volume button always visible” that shows it like I’ve just said, I’m looking for something similar for this, it could be great really.


Not tested them but may work ? Obviously you will have to make sure apps always running in background


Yeah I’ve already seen both of these apps and don’t fit well on a round smartwatch. One of those didn’t started even. That’s why I’m asking here if there is a more specific app for our watches that you may know :slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks for trying!!

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No problem. I dont have time to test apps :+1:

I don’t think you need one, if I’m not mistaken it changes automatically.

I have it seted to operate only on 3g/2g since on this way it consumes much less battery, but eventually it could be useful to can switch faster to 4g

It’s usual here in Argentina that sometimes 4G signal is very poor but not enough to make it jump into 3G itself, so it stays in 4G consuming a LOT of battery. Low signal makes your phone radio to increase battery use to keep connected to that signal.

Or even having a decent 4G signal, it doesn’t work at all :sweat_smile: so you must manually set 3G to get data back.

I always force my devices to stay in 3G so I can have a decent signal, i don’t mind low data speed.


Yeah, putted on 3g for an smartwatch works really fine, even doing some sports and using 3g for GPS support along it. But if I could have a switch it could be even better I think.
And if not, I don’t have any problem to keep using 3g, it really helps a lot the battery consumption.