3rd party camera apps on the Hospet Hope are way too dark, any fixes?

Is there any setting fix or app that can fix this?
The main camera app built into the kospet hope is great, a bit limited but otherwise the photos are fine.

But i want to use the Google Translate and Google Lens apps, which use the camera, but even in a decently well lit room, everything is just too dark for it to pick up anything. So far i’ve only been able to translate stuff on my computer screen. Due to the back lighting.

Google translate with the offline language packs is amazing, and being able to point at something and get a reasonable translation of what it is, is great.

As for Google Lens I haven’t been able to try it, because i haven’t been able to get it to take a picture of anything yet.

I just can’t figure out how to it on stuff that doesn’t have a spotlight pointed at it.

I’d also like to be able to use the barcode scanner app. Again, it doesn’t work due to the insanely dark camera. It seems ALL 3rd part camera apps are crazy dark.

Anyone ever figure out the cause of this, or a solution? My watch is rooted so if it’s something i can change in a file or what ever, that’s fine.

Literally any app that uses the camera besides the Hope’s stock camera app, is just way too dark, regardless of any advanced settings i use in those apps, if they have such settings.

Google Lens and Barcode Scanner apps barely work indoors unless the room is really well lit because of this.