2 versions of Breitling-Evo-Night Mission 1884, bezel and w/o bezel.

2 versions of Breitling-Evo-Night Mission 1884, bezel and w/o bezel. Top right mini dial is working as a battery gauge…ported by me and original creation design by Mike Mckee.
Watch homage: https://www.breitling.com/en/news/details/aerospaceevo-night-mission-3610





Thank you - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9h-U2exISMFYkwzcUxxNFB6d28/view?usp=drivesdk

looks great!

This is what the kw88 needs!! Looks amazing

@Ken_Van_Vliet Wish I could but just have the X5 atm. That Gear S3 is looking pretty tempting though. I see his work and it is nice!

good points, thanks for the info!

The zip file doesn’t contain the no-bezel version - it has a paapasoneplus zip file in it instead! Cn you re-post the non-bezel one please?

@Mark_Daniels sorry I will check that and re-upload it.

I have downloaded twice and I get the correct files each time. Maybe try again? I did tweak the hands a bit on the bezel-less version as they were too short, thx for the notice!

Downloaded again and now fine - many thanks!

omg these are perfect. will this work on LEM5 ?

@Timmetje yes i haveca lem5 and it works great

Hi @Edward_Henry , how can my friend add these to his KW88 watch? Easy method if possible!! Thank you

Oke i got my watch and this clock on it. Its on my nr 5 list best clocks made here. But the seconds (arm?) are hard to see is it possible to make it the same color like the numbers? and i like the left on verry much but its not sharp i see it blurry.

would be nice!! thx

wow…very nice job

nice work, thank´s

Anyone have a link to this one?
The drive link doesn’t work anymore…

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