1touch face display

Hi Guys I may be wrong on this topic but is there a an app that can display the face with just a touch of the blank Screen. My PRIME does not work well with arm raising, it’s very hit and miss and I don’t like to keep pressing those weak buttons…obviously there’s no way the watch can be powered on without These buttons. Maybe you know different

My wrist tilt function seems to be working fine but I mostly disable it to save battery life. This means I use the button a lot to turn on the screen but I don’t find it to be weak, but then again I only have the watch two full days so far. It would be nice to be able to tap the screen and wake up the device and hopefully it will be possible to do this in some future firmware update but I am not sure if such a thing is possible. Time will tell.

There is a app that will do this but the battery drain is terrible . Its a waste of time

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Yes Andy is correct on this one. I did try it only to find everyone was correct. Very bad battery drain…it’s really not worth installing.

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