1) I download latest Erics launcher with kw88.

  1. I download latest Erics launcher with kw88.
    But whenever i press the side button, it goes back to the regular background which i want to stay in eric’s launcher.

  2. what is the best way to save battery?
    (Does Eric’s launcher & inserting sim card eat up battery?)

  3. my kw88 doesnt detect my bluetooth earphone.(4.1v). Is there any solution?

Anybody know the answer or solution to these problems? It would be great help!!
Thanx a lot in advance.

thank you very much for the respond.
i did install and put “always” but then if i press the button on side, it goes back to regular ones :weary::fearful:

If it still doesn’t work, uninstall from the top menu - where the battery monitor is. Swipe left until you see the uninstall option. Then uninstall from the normal uninstall program menu.
Reboot and install The launcher again. This time - when it’s finished installing run it and click always as launcher choice.