Xiaomi Amazfit 2 - Mirror Windows Request:

Xiaomi Amazfit 2 - Mirror Windows

Request: @Tamas_Toth
MADE in WFD and Photoshop
Credits: http://us.amazfit.com

Download (Universal launcher) :

Download (Stock launcher) :


Thank you very much @Andrej_zacker_Fulop !!

@Tamas_Toth ur welcome i hope its enought with functions … calories and activity is not possible

Great Job. I love how you made it for both launchers. Well Done!!! :slight_smile:

Hi Mister Andrej!! How are you going?
First of all, congratulations for the beautiful job…
However let me ask you something…
Do you think we could try to change the colors of this watch face?
I really like the design, but not the colors…
1 - I wish one, only change the pink box for a dark blue one…
3 another possibility would be, instead of the main gray we put a black and getting lither, untill the blue boxes on the corner stay White??
Thanks in advance…