X7 Official support thread - software and firmware support

Apr 7, 2019 1:20:32 GMT 2 tony87 said:
There isn t the firmware of X7 in the firmware section

let me check this and notify here.


Apr 7, 2019 1:20:32 GMT 2 tony87 said:
There isn t the firmware of X7 in the firmware section

do you had the time to test it?
I´m curious about the battery…

I’m not capable to meassure the battery but I can tell you what I do with the wacth so you can judge if it’s good enough.

On weekend, with low usage I don’t have to charge it in two days.

During the working days with phone calls (most of them throw bluetooth earphones) whatsapp, e-mails, a few FB notifications and a couple of hours of music (with bluetooth earphones) always 4G right now (21:55) I have 46% battery, so I will need to charge tonight but I could wait till tomorrow midday perfectly.

I don’t use always time, neither hand raise to see the time.

Hope it will help.

Hi I’m having issues with my X7 I can’t get any folders to display when I have the watch connected to my pc. Shows the X7 device but no folders

Have you set your usb mode to file transfer on your watch ? It’s like any phone, you need to set your usb mode.

Hi Eric thanks for the reply, Where do I find the USB mode settings in the watch menu?

It normally pop up when connecting the cable (like on your phone)

If not, go to settings - connect - USB and choose transfer data


Does any one has the firmware now? Can’t find the download anywhere. Neighther in the FINWO firmware section nor anywere else on the internet. But I need it urgendly. Thanks a lot!!!

We’ll try to upload it (with a very low line bandwidth it can take some time…)

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Awesome… thank you very much!!! Can you share the download link please, after the upload was successful?

Sure, if we upload it, it’s to share it… :smile:

Here is the X7 firmware - please research the flashing process thoroughly before you do this.
There is plenty of info here and a video on the YT channel as well.


Perfect! Thank you very much @pablo11!:+1: :+1:

Is this the original firmware dated Jan 21 2019 or an updated version? If updated, what are the changes?


Can you tell me what´s the new features/improvements in relation to the 20190119 firmware?
Also is it possible converte this update into an OTA update?

Sorry but the answer is just the newer firmware has some bug fixes.

It is either released as an OTA or not.
It cannot be simply “converted”

So far it does not appears to be release as an OTA, so…
I know the watch itself cant decode and unpack img and bin files, what i meant with “converted” was if someone who has the version already update, and know previously all the content of the previous version, could eventually point out what apps or system files have been changed and pack it all up in a sign zip file… Yeah now as i´m writing this message it really sounds a lot!
I did something very similar back in the Kitkat and Lollipop days… perhaps now it is not that easy…

Thanks anyway for your reply

I have also purchased this watch in Nov, 19 seeing the specifications. Although watch is good in performance except battery. But being a new model latest 2019, it has no any support from finow. Nothing found on there website www.finowatch.com. It is dead website. Mostly Chinese maker are like this, only make to sell but no any support. Nothing spares are available which are damaged after use like straps, battery.
It is just like use and throw. Don’t be dreemed to repair as no any spares are available, particularly the Finow X7. Let see how many days I can use?

Thats why we ( the mods ) and the forum members try and bridge the gap for support . We are the official support for Kospet , Lemfo and now the new genesis watch . So not all are as bad as finow .

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