X3 Plus came in via Gearbest. Ordered on 9/28.

X3 Plus came in via Gearbest. Ordered on 9/28. Arrived on 10/03/16 via DHL (paid $7.51 for shipping).

T-Mobile nano sim from my phone works. 3G. Call works fine. both parties can hear.

Battery: looks like will last at least 8 hours.

Apps (not looking great at the moment).

More comfortable than Gear S2 on the wrist.

Moved some music mp3 to music folder. Plays ok with built in player.

Connected to Avantree Jogger pro. Plays audio fine. Can change tracks from the Headset.

What is the date like? Data on my Q1 with T-Mobile in Houston sucks.

I don’t get it. I had the X5 on T-Mobile and it would not work. Sent it back thinking it was bad, so I ordered another one, had the same problem.

@Jeremy_Frasier 1mbs up/down inside. Not so great. can barely make hangout call. Outside is much better. . I have couple of videos posted showing speed test and general stuff

Cool. Thanks.