Will pay if price is reasonable

Can anyone make a xbox & Playstation through the years custom face for dm100 that have widget shorcuts like messages,weather, and other items on screen? but make it for unrooted watches, just make it downloadable and place in the watch folder(which im still needing to learn how to do) please contact me i am very much interested in getting this made i figured with all systems pics and having it to add my widget on OG xb,xb360,xb1,xb1s,xbx,xbsx i would like diff editions like halo, gears of war,etc
same for all the ps1-5 with diff editions like god of war and spiderman. Im sure others would pay but lets take care of the guy that requested first tho lol serious replies ...mavrykjones@yahoo.com

Hi and welcome . Please note we dont sell faces on this forum. Everything is free . Most of the designers on this forum use WFD to create there designs . Check this out

As for touch icons have a read of this -

A video to watch

When available the new version of WFD is much easier to use . Especially when adding touch shortcuts to apps

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thanks for the tips and info and i appreciate this site is free offering what they do and love and i know ppl hard work go into what they do so with that said i will look at the info you provided and see what i can do but if anyone whose more experienced can do it and make available for gamers of both systems im sure it would be appreciated

one thing i was wondering is that watchface designer also do square faces for the dm100/LEMT/Ticwiris max?

Hi . Yes you can by altering screen