White: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1y9DvsRX_UX5YT1hF6bNLgFPXpfPniwF0 Black: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZJIqgdFBsg9rnVjnnqDjPQC1tmfBbNAh Black Clockwise:



Black Clockwise:

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@Bart_van_der_Linden Very nice !!

cant download :-/

just click on the link and on the right top of your screen there is a download button.

Nice done! Thanks!

Not for Android Wear !! Read First Post

Wonderful!!! Looks great in my lem5pro!!!

Great !!!Maybe the best watchface i ever seen!

@Bart_van_der_Linden This is really nice, but at least on my watch it is an hour behind. Is there a setting in one of the XML files that can easily be tweaked? Anyway, my thanks for such a good looking and unusual watch face

@Phil_Day there are no time setting in the xml so it’s something in your watch causing it. Maybe a timezone setting of some sort?

or, if your watch is running the wrong way around, you should take the black clockwise version. some watches can’t handle the anti clockwise direction

Great face ! very innovative and classy !

Which watch is it in the picture ?

First time here guys. Great job on this watchface! plan to add seconds? :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks, looks great!

Great face. My watch is also 2h behind using the ccw designs.
I do like the cw version better anyway:) Is there a white verson of it?
And i dont know if its just my watch but the black designs are very low contrast.

Nice design. Perfect

wow amazing design