When purchasing the KW88 i thought i read somewhere that the glass was Gorilla

When purchasing the KW88 i thought i read somewhere that the glass was Gorilla glass, and supposedly durable to scratches etc. Does anyone know if there is a film on top of the actual glass that can be changed if scratched? If not, does anyone know if Kingwear provides replacement glasses for someone to change on their own?

Trust me - it would be close to impossible to replace the screen. I have pulled them apart and they are bonded to the touch panel. Contact KingWear for advice

When I got it the watch had a protector which easily came off…but after that when I took a closer look I saw another plastic screen protector on it.
Gently scratching this I found it it was indeed…or I’d scratched the glass :wink:
Then I took a needle and from the edge I was able to lift it a bit and it came off…was even thicker then the first.
In the package of the watch there are some extra screen protectors too (at least I had)
Don’t know if Kingwear provides replacement glasses , but I think you didn’t scratch the glass , try the “needle trick”

@Martin_Nijhuis thanks for the info, i also thought that there was another layer other than the plastic protector, i just didnt dare to try and remove it. Thanks, i will give it a try.

Let us know when it’s done :wink:

it IS impossible. You need to find a screen AND you have to “glue” it back into the frame. Digitizer & screen are one piece, you can not seperate without breaking them.

@Vmax I agree

Agree, but it’s not a glass problem here , it’s not scratched or anything.Is a second plastic protector.
He should have gotten it of by now :wink:

If that is the problem - that’s great.
I say this because mine did not have two protectors installed on the watch itself. There was a spare in the box.

If i remember right, i got some screen protectors. But because i do own some watches, i don’t remember if it was delivered with KW88. Will check at home asap.

i did find an additional one in the box after discussing here. I still havent changed it because i dont want to waste it, yet. I also looked on ebay and found 38mmx38mmx0.2mm protectors as well.