what videos would you like to see.

hey guys, 

i want to know which videos would you want to see about our watches just remember i have only the kw99 and lem7 so i really like to make for you more useful videos that will help to maximize the usage of our great watches.

plz share your thought on this thread. 

btw, it can be on any watch just not something specific of a watch.

Hi Sonia,

I would love to see how you set your watch in order to stay up for longer time.
As I recall, you use it as 3G and GPS on and you can get whole day battery.
Suggested service to terminate, force stop, which app to install and set to get longer the battery.

There are some info, but kind of scattered. Also, some utility apps are not easy to understand what and which item to set to get better battery life.
If you can show your tips, I believe many of us will appreciate it.


will do:)

nice of you Sonia,i will said about when someone for the first time buy a watch, what we suppose to do, about it of OK google(offline and online),the bluetooth connection even with the app from the OEM,how to install the watchfaces in stock launcher.
Question what app adaptation do in display setting remind me please.

Great work Sonia! Many people will appreciate on this clip.
I would really love to know how you are enabling such long battery life…I know you have way more tricks to enable longer battery life!!!


i will show on a video my way of usage and try to show ways to maximize the battery usage.

another one:)…

Jun 23, 2018 7:19:20 GMT 1 soniasophie9697 said:
another one:)…

Do you have problems where the cell signal keeps disappearing? I have the thor 4 and it works sometimes outside but doesnt work in my house, I also have a dm98 and a dz09 and those works everywhere


yes, i have 3g disconnections so it is’nt just the lem7 it is also the thor 4, i think it is got to do more with FW than the sensors themselves. i did’nt have these issues before i’ve updated or flashed the watch.

have you done any flashing or updates?


nameless do you have in issues with the watch?

yes I had to reflash it after enabling keylock but it was doing this from the very first day, I received it, I didnt do an upday because after reflashing the update said I had the latest firmware


for me it all started after i’ve updated, when i got it it worked just perfectly, i’m going to flash it again and see if it helps. will report:)

As I have said before… There is a problem with the switch over from data to default band for calls. It should default to 3G but it defaults to 2G at the moment. It is getting fixed soon.