What u think about this round w10 selling on alibaba ..

What u think about this round w10 selling on alibaba …http://www.cwell-hk.com/products/Smart_W10.aspx it is also called awatch comet that someone named to resell…

It’s also going to be a little on the thick side - anything with a camera will be.

It also has an interesting feature in the firmware. By double pressing the lower button every app is reduced in a square window inside the screen. That will greatly improve usability for some apps.
That apart the Finow X5 is better by far in every aspect.

That “double tap to reduce apps to a square” idea is great! It would come in handy when trying to reach menu icons in the upper corners and those pesky “Save” buttons off the screen at the bottom.

If there’s any way to extract that code and make it into a standalone app that will work on all round Android watches we would all have new capabilities. Additionally it would be nice to see this feature incorporated into future FINOW X1, X3, X5 firmware updates.

I fully agree. @Lokifish_Marz and @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 have the skills to investigate it :wink:

@Ciro_Danise I’m sure we would like to look into the software options and that feature is a very nice variation on the tap to zoom function. Unfortunately - and I think I speak for @Lokifish_Marz here as well - we have very limited funds and house/family to support.

Edited - way to much info :slight_smile:

I sense where you’re coming from on this +Pablo Eleven (Pablo11), and besides, it’s in the best interest of the Chinese firmware developers to grab ahold of the best ideas and spend their research dollars and engineer salaries to revamp their code. Our mutual best hope it to steer these ideas to folks at FINOW and others to ‘motivate’ them to take it on and improve their product for everyone, including their bottom line. There’s no reason these Standalone Android based round smartwatches can’t blow Wear out of the water with the right tweaking.

@SmartWatch_Ticks I absolutely agree with you there. The fact is that they already blow Wear out of the water but need some polishing for general consumption and reliability. This is where my particular passion lies - improving these watches so that we could leave our phone handsets behind.

this watch has the speaker in the band and that looks cheap, i hated it on the zgpax s82.