What if... Last night I wanted to install a watch face on my watch,

What if…

Last night I wanted to install a watch face on my watch, only to realize that the usb cable was on my bedroom. I was in my office, some 10 meters away, so there’s no way I would get up and walk all that distance (about 20 steps) to get my cable… And then, I thought to my self: this is NOT a wonderful world! I shouldn’t need a cable!!! As a consequence, I finally got to bed (in the bedroom, of course) at 5h30 am. Here is the result.

Now I can think to my self: “what a wonderful world” :slight_smile:

What do you think?

Great​:+1:t3: Where is the Download?:wink:

Where is the Download?

Is this compatible with stock launchers or does it require @Eric_Crochemore 's universal launcher? I know that not all launchers support zipped watch faces.

That’s what i call a good teaser… :grinning:

Looks like a mega-seller!

@Manu_Garcia Knowing what Marco can do, it’s probably not fake at all.

I transfer clockskin files from my phone to my watch all the time without a cable via “Bluetooth file transfer” by Medieval software (Android) .

Install the app on both devices.
Transfer the watch file you want from “clockskin” folder on phone.
Open file manager on the watch
Find the watch folder and copy into watch “clockskin” folder.

I really like this world but there are things that I do not understand because I am Spanish and all the manuals are in English and I use the translator but I get tired. You do a good job I do not want to offend anyone with my questions I’m sorry. Is that application in draft? or can it be downloaded somewhere? thanks greetings to the community

hello community, i got the lencise S99C2 since few days now. I installed the medieval software on my watch, also on my phone. I even got the .zip folder and (because im all new in this :D) i put the whole datas of this zip folder into a folder in the clockskin directory. But now i cant get it to work, dont know how i can apply the new skin… Please can you help me? I have read of the universal launcher by @Eric_Crochemore , do i have to install it first? Sorry for my lack of knowledge xD…

Thank you :slight_smile:

Regards Marco

Any folder in the clockskin needs to be a .watch file. Universal launcher is the best to use for 3rd party watch faces. @Marco_Arns

An alternative way is to use Google Google drive. I download the files using my phone to google drive > open the google drive app on the smart watch > download the watchface and just use any file manager (or es explorer) and you’re done.

Thx community :smiley: i tried different ways and recognised that when i extract the zip directory and put all the files (containing .png and .xml files) into a folder inside the clock skin directory, that i just have to reboot the smartwatch. After than i can choose all the different watch faces while pressing tge used watch face :sweat_smile: sorry again for this long post,but maybe it helps out for future watch users, just like me :see_no_evil: btw thabk you all fir tge great posts and the fast answers :slight_smile:

“WIFI FILE TRANSFER” in Google Play store

@Nicholas_Herczeg Yes, it is compatible with other launchers. There’s an option (not seen in the video) to select if the watch face is to be stored as a zip or uncompressed. There’s also an option to enable upload of .watch files. Both of these options (store as Zip a .watch support) only make sense if you use Eric’s Universal Launcher.

@Manu_Garcia Nope. It’s not fake. The download will be available soon as a (free) Play store app. Pending approval right now. As soon as approval is granted, I’ll post the link.

@Dave281 , @Marek_Kamela It’s great that those two options already exist. I sincerely didn’t knew about them. Anyway, they have a generic purpose (transfer files), while this is specific for clockskins, and allows easy management of watch faces (or so I hope :slight_smile: )

To all of you, thank you for your support. The download link will be published as soon as the app is approved on Play store. Don’t worry, it will be a free app :slight_smile:

And… It’s Published! Get it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.marcoferreira.clockskintransfer

Please, also give some feedback here so I know what to improve

@tim_Collins Thank you. Unfortunately, for medical reasons, getting lashed is totally mortal for me :frowning: (I still have to figure out exactly what a Donna Special and mucky birds are, but I believe I have a fairly good idea). If you were talking about going to Tenerife… now that would be some much needed (good) vacations :smiley:
Don’t get me wrong, Hartlepool seems very nice and all, but I tend to prefer warmer waters for vacations :slight_smile: