What I was dreaming of when I got the Blitz in my hands ^^

What I was dreaming of when I got the Blitz in my hands ^^ If it could have been like this directly from stock ^^ I can replace faces with a click now and a bit of configuration within the widget ^^

  • Rooted
  • Apex launcher
  • Pujie Black widget for watch Faces
  • Heads up notifications
  • APN fix
  • Google Contacts 1.1-10100 apk
  • Google Dialer
  • Restored Android Status Bar
  • Smart Screen app to get shake wake up
  • Minuum Keyboard for input
    And more…

Exelent… good work, your dream is my dream :roll_eyes:

@Fabio What to share m8 ? Posted the root package earlier… All you have to do after root is to configure a bit the Apex launcher and install some apps… Try Airdroid to get control over your watch screen on your PC, that’s all… Google search is your friend for apps package from my upper list… Configure these apps then you’re done… Cannot do more for you…

@Olimatou smart screen app don’t kill your battery?

@Olimatou ​ May I ask why you are using Pujie Black as widget to show faces? Is there other way to have more watch faces now that you are root and not using a widget/launcher?

@Josue_Galindez Because there is a growing community with this app and they are sharing a lot of watch faces… Stock launcher is so poor that any launcher is far better… Battery life is much more optimized with a renowned launcher with strong support than with exotic stock one which was programmed with the feet… Pujie also doesn’t refresh widget while screen is off and battery drain is measured with it… It was conceived for Android Wear at first, so power consumption was in mind of devs. Another consideration is that you can easily build your own faces with built-in tools. Last thing I will research with it is the support of watch hand seconds that is not showing currently on the blitz. Maybe I will fix this in a few days…

@Antonio_Praca Didn’t noticed battery drain with it for the moment, usage and memory have a little footprint apparently… Will have a glimpse on it to be sure in future days… But using only one option that trigger only on sensor status modification, so thread may not consume many…

Thanks for the comments @Olimatou

whch specific smart screen app? Several of that name on Play store!

@Antonio_Praca There is battery consumption in fact, but this is a normal behaviour of a process running permanently in background. Things to know is how much battery is used on a normal day usage basis. I am running this test currently to see what is the percent of battery used only to monitor shakes… I didn’t optimized all processes for the moment, like I did when I first installed Nova launcher… Will have to do so, cause my watch could stay alive for 2 days of standby minimum after optimisation… But we are at the same level point as the stock launcher and it’s all time monitoring to activate the face…

@Andy_Godber Smart Screen On Off from Suriv (v. 4.2.1)

I have problem for activate pujie black watch, I can’t see botton for google fit… Read now try to airdroid…

@Olimatou Thanks for all the info. Did you do anything special to get shake to wake working? I installed the same app but my watch will not wake by shaking after setting up the option in the app.

@Claudio_Corti Just get back 1 time swiping from screen when on google fit screen…

@Paul_Levy 1st option is needed and activate rights for the app to control the watch… But I deactivate this app because battery drain is too much important in background. @Antonio_Praca was right and I tested battery status with tools for wake locks and it consume too much… https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By2s6yCUaPsiRHRVdFNNSEhkUlU where process is u0a81: “dev.suriv.suscreen”

In fact, shake my hand or pressing a button, 2nd choice is not a big deal, and I prefer have 2 days battery left…

One thing to deactivate also is the audio streaming to / from phone music app…

@Olimatou ok now I’m stop on screen “welcome Pujie Black” :frowning:

@Claudio_Corti Put a widget on a blank tile in launcher to configure it … There is a button on top left to press to access settings from widget… App is there to handle connection with google fit and we don’t need that feature… Or pair with a normal phone with same google account to get Fit…

@Olimatou but with widget face no full screen… Uhmm thanks for your time… I wish clock same your…

@Olimatou Hey Olivier, could u share your apex launcher config, so i can restore it here and make it work? Cause i’m with the same problem as @Claudio_Corti and cant get watch face on full screen. Tried to rezise the launcher and so on, also tried to hide the dock but cant find that option

No full screen for me too :frowning:

You need to use Apex launcher, set all margins to 0 and hide the dock. Nothing else

This thing is driving me insane… I finally can make it full screen, but every time I try a new watch facw, it keeps me telling ‘waiting a moment please’ and it stays blank only with the numbers and nothing of theme or something. Also, in apex, most of my apps don’t show up :c

The app drawer default setup on Apex is a bit slow. Try setting Drawer Animation to None.