What about the CE Sign for Europe.

What about the CE Sign for Europe. My No.1 D5 has one, what about the other smartwatches ? ( I know the No.1 D6 has none ( ok, it is not round )). Where is the CE sign at the other round watches ?

Normally on the box - packaging or manual…

On my D5 it is engraved on the backsite, …

@Gerhard_Kuehl yes on some it is but on some it isn’t.
Consistency is not what we are buying here lol :slight_smile:

Pablo Eleven , yes you are right. But without a CE sign it is a kind of lottery buying. If you have luck and the customs didn’t open the box everything is ok, but if they take a look, then you will not get the watch ( this happens to a guy here in Germany with his ordered D6 ).

The D6 does have a CE cert even if it’s not stamped anywhere. They all do. You can request it if you can’t see it.

Sure, I know thats no technical problem. I wrote to Gearbest and the response was :

Hello Gerhard,
We don’t have the CE sign of this item for Europe now.

I wrote to No.1 a few days ago, but no response yet. Lets wait a bit.
What about the CE cert for the other round watches ?

@Gerhard_Kuehl give me your email and I’ll send it to you

Its already done, No.1 has just sent me a pdf file of the certification. ( Nice service ! ). Thanks to all.

@Gerhard_Kuehl that’s good news - I asked them to action it asap. They sent me a copy but it was you that needed it. Cheers.

Update 8.8.2016
Unfortunately it was not sufficient to have this certification to get the watch back from the customs. They said : in Europe there has to be ( its law ) a CE sign on the watch, good readable, stable ( f.e. pressed in the back cover as on my D5 ), and non-interchangable.
Without this sign it is forbidden to sell it in Europe.
The certification in paper form is not sufficient!
The good site was, that the customs didn’t damage the watch, they send it back and this guide got back his money via paypal.
This means for me : When buying the next smartwatch I have to check : is a CE sign on the back or not. If not I won’t buy.

@Gerhard_Kuehl thanks for this feedback. It will save a lot of people from disappointment when buying watches.

I sent a mail to No1 and begged them to put the CE sign on their next watches ( they have a certification, why not put them on the back ? )
But there is still an open question : what about the other watches ? Do they have it fixed on their watches ? Or do we have a general problem ? That it is possible you can see on my D5 : there is a CE sign! On the backside ( stainless steal ), but if you have a plastic backside ?

Normally on the packaging is enough