Well, it's Sunday Funday again and here's a watchskin that's a bit different! And who

Well, it’s Sunday Funday again and here’s a watchskin that’s a bit different!

And who doesn’t like Deadpool?

W806/812/815 zip download:

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Deadpool wallpaper by Suspension99 on DeviantArt

Damn that’s awesome!
You just reminded me that I never released my own deadpool face, just had it sitting on my watch for weeks lol

@Inceptual_Games I think that that is what is so good about CSM and our watches… we can make what ever pleases us :slight_smile:

you’ve done it again my friend! Great work!!!

Great face and awesome presentation!

@Ciro_Danise I’ve noticed a “stepping up” of presentations… I loved your Hugo Boss splash… and the new “SevenFriday” is really cool :slight_smile:

anyone create the apk for the kw88. i’m not able to get it to compile. thanks in advance.

@miguel_ortiz I think that you should ask permission from the creator of the watchskin before you ask “anyone” to make an apk for you… do you think that that is reasonable?

I absolutely think it’s reasonable especially since the creator put the files on a public forum with a public like to the uncompiled content. My understanding of public is that everyone has the Ability to share openly. I must have mistaken your work for publicly accessible content. Why doesn’t anyone just answer questions anymore. All I was looking for is a yes or no. Not some egocentric response from someone incapable of providing a full product

@miguel_ortiz Hi MO it’s arrogant imbeciles like you that make the process of designing so much less enjoyable… just because “something” is “out there” you believe that you can just take it without even asking permission… you are truly a sad, ignorant and deviant individual…

It wouldn’t harm for you to acquaint yourself with the forum rules…
And if all you were looking for was a “yes or no”… presumably because you’re too lazy or haven’t got the intelligence to try reading through a few post or trying a search… then the answer is NO… and as far as you are concerned that is a NO for any of my work…

Finally… are you confident that KW88 apk files can be converted from digital faces?

So what you are saying is that you have expressed permission to use the deadpool characters likeness in your open-source development? Doubt it. It’s unfortunate that you are among few devs on this forum that instead of helping people will lean on the forum rules and faqs instead of helping others. And yes. I do lack the intelligence to build apks, but that’s why there are devs and there are end-users. Or else why would your work be truly needed if I could do what you do. And since you can’t do what I do we as a community lean on each other’s knowledge to grow this open source community. Of did I mistake the philosophy of the open-source ideals. Don’t worry. I will figure it out and give you the credit and give the community another reason to be inspired by work that isn’t mine.

Which bit of:-

“the answer is NO… and as far as you are concerned that is a NO for any of my work”…

did you not understand?