Well, in addition to the recently-found YouTube, Skype,

Well, in addition to the recently-found YouTube, Skype, Chrome and HealthReminder apps on the D5’s AppStore, Facebook and WhatsApp have now been added to the downloads available.

Now, we just need more apps for our round watches…


Interesting …
I think an app like Facebook - the commonly available version - would absolutely kill the poor little battery in these watches.
There is a very light version floating around somewhere…
Good to see they are adding these apps though :slight_smile:

can you explain wehre i can find these apps and does it fit all round wathces?

in the built in chinese app store on the watch

@Ilan_Shahaf In addition, tap on the three dots in the AppStore app, tap on “Search”, and type “a” for what doesn’t show up in the apps list.

My last attempt to run YouTube on the watch, it was a square display within the circle.


@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 nod Not that I use them, but otherwise agreed— Especially for those who do need to use them. :slight_smile: I know a few good utility apps that do work well with the watch display (AVG Cleaner, for example), so it would be great if more apps made it there. (Network Signal Info, Total Commander, ZArchiver all work fine on the watch.)


Light Facebook app is called Metal. It’s in the Google apps store

There’s a better one than that - I think Loki may have posted it but let us know if he didn’t