Welcome to My Friends! And: G1N T0N1C Another Withings request.

Welcome to My Friends!

Another Withings request. :slight_smile:
It can be made on Universal Launcher (battery indicator, maybe lighter than the previous one). The top display should have a step counter and touch-variable pulse meter? And if you could have a date display on the left side?
I know a big request, but somebody can work on it.
Black Base and White Indicator …Or a white base-black pointer. Or both. :slight_smile:

Grateful thanks!

I found this face in http://watchfaces.be you can run on Universal Launcher :slight_smile:

@Ok_Win8 This is it!!! Thank you very much, My Friend.
You are big! :slight_smile:

missing/deleted image from Google+

@Marco_Ferreira Wow…That would be perfect if I had red indicators.

@Jozsef_Gorbe , @G1NT0N1C Is it just me or does trail on the phone look like a toucan? There is even a white section with a black section inside that looks like an eye.

@Nicholas_Herczeg Unfortunately, this version can not be turned on white.
It would be nice to do it … Also, it is also absurd that you can not switch to step-by-turn in the upper circle. :frowning:

@Jozsef_Gorbe That’s impossible with stock launchers.

@Marco_Ferreira Yeah I know.