Weather does not collect info for current location

good morning. problem : on my prime the weather does not lock on to my physical location when i update. here is my location : a small town in north iowa and here is what the watch location locks on to, Bandeirantes. i looked that up and it’s in south america. i’ve never been to south america. Now here’s the odd thing , i can do a force stop and clear cache and data then refresh weather data, my city comes back. i then refresh weather again maybe ten minutes later and it will go to the south american location. frustrating

First, what is your launcher ?
Then, if you don’t use GPS, but location from network, it can lock on your proxy that is maybe there…
There’s no other solution that comes to my mind.

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What is your firmware Version? Maybe there is an Update. I would try to perform a factory reset.

Do you have a SIM / cell service in the watch? If so try turning on mobile data and refresh weather. If I recall I had some similar issue with the built in weather app and ended up installing the app ‘YoWindow’ on my Prime. Just something else to try if the above doesn’t happen to work.

thanks for your thoughts, i’m using the standard launcher and i the high accuracy on gps. sometimes when i do the force stop and such i can update the whole day with the correct location. it’s more or less hit and miss

my firmware is 2.6b. i’ve downgraded to 2.4 then down from that. still the samething so i came back to 2.6b. a factory reset clears everything doesn’t it. i’ll just put up with it for now. can a person delete the factory weather app and replace it with a different version

You can force stop the standard Weather app or you can uninstall it but I’d suggest trying YoWindow first to see if you like it and whether it solves the problem. It would not really be necessary to uninstall the original app though. I’ve got both on mine and YoWindow works fine on my Prime.

thank you. i did find if i do a force stop, clear cache, delete data it will catch and take hold. usually for maybe a day or two then i have redo the force stop and such again. i do not have a sim card. the prime is not compatible with verizons towers