Watchfaces for Lemfo Lemt and DM100

Hi mates !
I have thought about making rectangular watchfaces for lemfo lemt and domiwear DM100.
They are almost the same as the standard Ticwris Max.
This idea has two reasons:
First, those ticwris watchfaces are so cool.
Second, people who have a lemfo lemt or a dm100 do not have these watchfaces on their smartwatches and I have not seen them for download.
I’m still working on it!
I already have them and with their complications to the apps
These are the photos on my lemfo lemt:


A Little better this Way: :slight_smile:

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I took the opportunity and have created an informative watchface with multilink to the applications of any rectangular smartwatch


@Jesus_Rodriguez That sounds great can’t wait to see what you come up with I have 5 round smart watches and I broke down and bought the TicWris for my self and one for my wife and a little bummed that there isn’t many watch faces for them I have put a lot of my round watch faces on them but just doesn’t really look that great with a square watch lol. The best of luck on your creations and will be looking out for your work.

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Thx very much @Kevin_Stueber

I will be posting the progress and occurrences.
The last one is already finished.
But I see that maybe there is not much interest in rectangular watch faces.

We continue… :slight_smile:

Initial sketch of a mixed analog-digital-touch-app watchface :slight_smile:

Steps meter color Module

This Module is designer to stimulate walking

Work in progress… :grinning:

The final project :


Finally done! five rectangulars clockskin watch faces: