WatchFace Designer v0.6.0 is released! This new version:

WatchFace Designer v0.6.0 is released!

This new version:

  • Fixed bug on open file (undo history was not previously cleared)
  • Prevented dynamic layers to be part of groups
  • Added rescale option for DigitalClock layers (as requested by vrmagician)
  • Added “Create Preview Image” functionality
  • Added Fill and Stroke styles allowing gradients to be used

The largest parts of this release are the template engine for watch face previews and the support for linear and radial gradients. The preview templates are NOT included in the main application download. While I share some templates, the purpose is to have the community make and share their own templates, so we all can benefit from it. A template is just an image with transparent areas where the clock is then placed and perspective corrected.

My ClockSkin Browser, that I’ll update soon, will also be compatible with these templates, so they can be useful even for those who don’t use WatchFace Designer.

To download and read more, check the forums at

Thank you so much for this fantastic program. Since the first release I started to design the watch faces with an ease that I thought would never be possible. And with every new release it’s easier and faster to make nice-looking watchfaces.

Can u bring ur own face files (.png, jpg, etc.) into this program ? If u can whats the file format ?

Yes, you can bring your own images. Just use ImageLayers on WFD. Both png and jpg files are accepted as images.

So far all I see is a beginner’s stepping stone to programming. Sorry

@Alberto_Romero Thank you. But I haven’t reached version 1.0 yet. I may still screw it up :wink:

@Dave_Stout I don’t know what you mean with “programming”, but if it is what I think, then yes, WFD does not replace photoshop. And yes, it’s purpose is to make watch face creation simpler, with all that it implies. Photoshop editing and hand crafted xml files will make it possible to have better watchfaces… But it will take a lot more time, and a lot more knowledge. (I believe that’s why no one develops apps in assembler, nowadays)

Thnx 4 ur response. Yes, designing and writing my own watchskins are VERY time consuming. Like acouple of weeks per face. But it’s fun, mostly.
Thnx again, maybe ill try it again. I couldn’t bring my own designs into this program. I guess ill read more.

It’s strange that you couldn’t bring your designs into WFD. Maybe there’s a bug I don’t know about? Can you share what you wanted to bring into WFD, so I can check it out? This version even includes an option to import clockskins, directly (though not all features are supported yet, but most are). It’s in File->Import Clockskin, and you select the folder with your clockskin…

This preview image… awesome!

I guess a preview template contest is started ! Let’s do this ! :grinning:

Thank you for this upgrade

hi marco
i can’t find any(exe) file in Watchface designer folder!!!?pls help me
missing/deleted image from Google+

@rasool_habibi It’s a Java application. You should have Java 8 installed and then just run the .jar file. It seems you have WinRAR associated with the jar file, instead of the Java runtime. Search google for “How to run a jar file on Windows”. There are many sites explaining in detail what you should do to associate it with the Java runtime instead of WinRar.

Hi there! this app is really cool! may I ask something please! There is a way to disable temporary one or more layers ? I means when you have 25 layers and you want to try something! it will be cool if a right click on a layer can disable it and a right click again enable it, something like that, quick and fast so when you preview they only show what is enable only!

thank you veeeeery much for your help! :slight_smile:

@Gaetan_Thiffault Yes, I need it too. Now I change opacity to 0 but it isn’t so comfortable if I want to change more than one layer.

Yes! One more things can be awesome is, can we translate x or y when we select more than one layer!

@Jacek_Klodzinski @Gaetan_Thiffault I’ll be working on it tonight. If I manage to implement this functionality today I’ll release it with the “tachometer radius” bug fix…

@Marco_Ferreira Don’t work in the night. We can wait :smiley: