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I made my own screen protector and cut it on the watch itself with a sharp razor blade. In the videos you will see its almost perfect. After I get it stuck on in a humid room with the shower running to kill dust, I just use a lighter to melt the edges carefully.

But this watch is simply incredible.
It literally does everything my OnePlus 7 pro does. I haven’t ran into any thing that it cannot do.
I have some apps in that drive folder. The one I highly highly recommend is Fluid. It makes your watch so much easier to navigate. It makes it like a real android phone if you set it up that way. I can screenshot the settings i use for it if anyone wants it. Let me know if anyone has any questions about this watch as i could not be more happier with my purchase. This thing is simply incredible compared to other watches. The google gestures app allows you to search for ''ACC" to find accessibility settings. In the developer options I have stay away on, usb debugging on, and all three animation scales off (Just makes the watch faster). But i would highly advise not to mess with any other settings in here unless you know how to re flash your watches firmare as you can make your touches not line up with you screen. I haven’t had this happen on this watch rather on others.

Does anyone have the firmware for this watch yet?
Has anyone rooted this watch yet?
Has anyone deleted some of the useless stock apps using a method like this?

Also, Post your favorite apps to use.

How do you post a YouTube link. Anyway I was able to delete some useless apps if anyone wants to know how

i have fluid gestures running also on my 2017 Samsung A5, now it runs like android 9 on a 2019 pixel 3. future proof.

love the immersive experience

the youtube link in your first post is posted correctly, it’s just this site that has some problems right now and displaying youtube videos is one of them

Jep, we are still trying to fix it. We apologize for any inconvenience. But we think we’ve found the problem.

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