Watch face within Watch face Pros and Cons

First ‘why’

Watch faces with hot buttons to apps are cool. (statement of fact as it relates to everyone who matters … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), but only if you like the watch face layout and only for a while before app or watch upgrades cause the hot button links to go cold.

As a consummate ‘user’, I have a great respect for the hard work of all you ‘doers’ what makes me world spin around. I appreciate that a whole lot of work goes into a whole lot of watch faces by developers who like to provide hot buttons for us users and imagine that upgrading each and every hot button watch face every time an individual app gets upgraded would not generally be considered to be feasible.

Watch faces within Watch faces appear likely to be able to greatly reduce the burden of maintaining hot link functionality despite all the ongoing changes.


A custom made watch face that is a 4 or 5mm wide portal (think Star Gate) around the outside edge of a KP2 screen with hot buttons set into it for apps (phone, messages, gmail, etc and a few customisable links) with out taking over the whole screen so that it could still be used to host all of the beautiful watch faces you guys make.

Such a concept has the potential to better manage the industry’s upgrade maintenance issue moving forward. At least for proper size Joe 90 watches like the 54mm diameter KP2 which can fit a 41mm KP1 face comfortably within the 44mm left by a 5mm wide Star Gate.

Just one portal per watch needs to be upgraded instead of all hot button faces for all watches.

Ultimately, I can see this will provide watch manufacturers a way of maintaining their brand logo on the watch faces (with hot buttons as the enticement) while also allowing us users to install pretty much what ever faces we like that are available elsewhere.

What do you guys think. Can it be done and is it something worth the time?

So, you work for Kospet, huh? :slight_smile:

Nice idea for those with that watch. I have the LEM14, which is big enough, but I’d hate to see the screen real estate being cut into more.


I don’t work for Kospet but would be proud to. Best customer service bar none in my considerable years of experience.
I have the Lemfo Lem X. I really like the body styling and screen size.
Aside from the flat tyre I think it would be workable with a 4mm thick portal (51-8=43mm) but generally agree that screens less than 48mm dia wouldn’t cut it.

Maybe more manufacturers need to make more watch models with 48mm+ dia screens to warrant the effort for phones other than the KP2.


If watch faces got much bigger they’d have to register as lethal weapons …

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