Watch Face inspired by the Span-Concept.

Watch Face inspired by the Span-Concept.

I will appreciate a donation if you understand that it is fair.


Yutube Video:



missing/deleted image from Google+

Awesome, nice clean and clear view +1

Looks good
missing/deleted image from Google+

Thanks @Julian_H_Jharrvis ​. Today I need test the angle of the battery to see if are correct. At 100% I see and stay OK, but I need see and confirm from 100 to 0%

OK, I will test it and confirm

Nice idea and nice work @Sergio_Paulo

Thanks @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11

Thanks @Lokifish_Marz ​.

Good evening everyone.

The download link has been updated with version 2 for correction of the battery angle.

I ask at all of you please to inform me if someone detect some bug or reazon to make adjustments.
Thank you all for feedback.

The Adjustments:

WIll it work on X3plus?


How can I put it in my watchmaker app? Somebody now?

You can’t. And you would need the authors permission to do so if you tried.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​, thanks for your assistance and support.

@Sergio_Paulo1 No orange battery hand , sorry (D5+)

@Martin_Nijhuis , Let me see at night and I’ll tell you. Now I have to go out to do some shopping.

No hurry :wink: there’s more in life then CF

@Martin_Nijhuis live ?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Haha didn’t even notice it