Watch blues

Ok, what a month or so its been.

The good news is I now own three watches.
The bad news is that I own three paperweights… well two as of last week.

Yeah, its been fun, and they’re all charging issues. Lets see, dug my old ZeBlaze Blitz out of mothballs and was using it for a while, until I couldn’t charge it any more as apparently my sweat ate the contacts off the back of the watch. Yeah, really. Currently working on ordering a back, so that’ll be up and running in a month or so hopefully. My Lemfo LES1 suffered a battery failure, charges can last randomly from 1 hour to 9. That’s been sent back, received, and as of a week ago, I’m supposed to be receiving a replacement. Supposed to be, that I only heard because I poked them, and since their reply, radio silence has resumed. Finally my TenThirteen X9A Plus (is there a square watch forum, or would a review be allowed here?) developed a charging problem. While going back and forth with Gearbest about warranty replacement, I noticed that dock is defective, the + pin had gone down and stayed down. Taking it apart, I found there was nothing wrong with the pin, just the hold from the look of things. I’ve got it working for now while I wait for a warranty replacement dock, but its a bit iffy. And getting the correct dock might be a bit iffy too, considering that they asked me ifn I needed just the dock or the dock and cord, and since the cord is built in…

Any how, so that’s where we’re at right now, I’ve got one of my watches, one of my two favorites, maybe my absolute favorite, working for now.