Waiting for my D5 to arrive.

Waiting for my D5 to arrive. First try to replicate my watch for last 15 years. So I still can carry with me :wink:

Could you try for me?


Based on: http://www.seikowatches.com


Looks good Jorge!

Installed no problems and looks great! Only thing I noticed, was the drop shadow under the hour isn’t quite lined up with the hand on my X5. Lovely face!
missing/deleted image from Google+

That’s a VERY nice and neat piece of work… :slight_smile:

I checked it again in CSM. Tested in every hour and looks OK. I suppose I have to wait until clock arrival to fine tunning.

missing/deleted image from Google+

Thanks everybody. Not happy. Too much clone stamp tool trying to erase 15 years of scratches. I’ll give a second try.

Ah… so you like a really realistic watch - Good… would you be interested in knowing how get the date window correct?.. I have a few tips I’d like to share, if you’re interested :wink:


Yes, please. The day window is in fact in a 38º angle in my watch. I don’t know how to rotate days in this angle.

And other tips if you have and don’t mind to share with me. Thanks

I’ll start with a link to a simple guide…


You have a set of numbers for the date, 0-9… each number is used twice ie 1 and 3 for 13, 2 and 9 for 29… BUT… in an angled date display you will need TWO number sets - see the link I posted… in reality the first number in the date is 1,2 or 3… the second numbers will be 0-9… each set is set at the same angle (38 degrees?) but the padding in each set is different… [padding the transparent space around each number]… the trick is to use two date arrays and overlay and offset AND mask the bits you don’t want to see… the easiest way to mask is to have the arrays under your dial and view them through a window ( as in a real watch)… it’s trickier (and unneccesary) to have the arrays in front of the dial… try it :slight_smile:

@Jorge_Mundt Add proper credits in your post, please.

@Jorge_Mundt I have been using this face all day, so it’s gone through the 12 position again and the hour hand looked fine. Don’t know what had occurred in my picture, but it’s fine now…! :?)

@Ciro_Danise Ok. First post. Edited

@Jorge_Mundt We’ve got a few rules to help overcome copyright infringements… as a homage you should add details/links to the original watch maker :slight_smile: