Very Easy Read :) My Take on Marco Ferreira's Flip Clock ..

Very Easy Read :slight_smile:
My Take on Marco Ferreira’s Flip Clock …
Thanks to Marco Ferreira for permission to use flip images :slight_smile:
Works with STOCK launcher …
Red Power - White Seconds
Top - Power
Middle -Time
Bottom Date and Day


In my watch (kw88) the red fills appear in the center in wrong positions

here is the screenshot missing/deleted image from Google+

hmmm weird … works on my stock launcher :confused:

@Warlock_Weary I do not work well either. (Diggro DI06 Stock)

Some stock launchers place the battery digital clock differently. There’s a tweak on export tweaked clockskin to fix that for those launchers. @Warlock_Weary you may try that export option.

Works great on my lemfo lem 6…thank you…nice work

@Marco_Ferreira Thanks will give it a try …

@Jose_Carlos_Marques Give this a try …
Fixed Ver of watch …

@Warlock_Weary Now it’s OK . There is another face the Gray-Blue has the same problem.

@Warlock_Weary That’s how I’m OK, too.
Thank you very much.