US Carriers Moving to VOLTE

The US wireless market is moving very quickly to disallowing devices that ARE NOT VOLTE compatible. I post this as a public service announcement (PSA).

Read this as T-Mobile has announced that 2G and 3G devices will not be allowed on their US network. I am not sure of AT&T’s timeline but, it can’t be far behind.

Are our watches using the MTK6739 compatible with VOLTE?

UPDATE: Upon search on the Kospet site, I see they specifically address the the Prime is VOLTE compatible.

I found this in my search but cannot confirm its validity. Maybe others can.
A person claiming to be an IT tech posted this:

So I checked the specs for the Genesis because I have them downloaded:

As you can see it shows LTE+TDD and as our current 4G watches all run the same Processor
I would think we are ok as long as you have a 4G capable Sim card installed. T-Mobile
announced early last year that they were discontinuing 2G service in 2020 I use T-Mobile
Network Sim cards in my watches.

So are you suggesting that VOLTE uses Time Division Duplex instead of Full Division Duplex? I ask because I am not familiar with the US carriers ever referring to TDD. Also, the real telling of T-Mo’s announcement is that as of the end of the year both 2G AND 3G will be shut down. This not only affects our watches but also phones, especially those that may find their way to the US with a foriegn visitor.

I’ve since found out that AT&T announce that they were shutting down 2G and 3G by the end of 2021. T-Mobile’s action seems rather abrupt, yet understandable. Cheers!

I am not suggesting anything. As I noted in my post I am not the source of the info and can’t confirm the validity of it. Actually T-Mobile indicated they were shutting down 2G last year and say now that i will happen in this August. I say this because I sill use 2G when available in my watches and noted it. I have AT&T service and believe that AT&T has stopped 2G service from what I remember last year. As they all go all out with 5G I would guess their intent is to only support 4&5G and eventually they will force you to buy a 5G phone.

How to check if your phone supports VoLTE

There’s a pretty easy way to check if your phone supports VoLTE on your current carrier. Simply install the “Network Mode Universal” app from the Google Play Store, turn on mobile data (and turn off Wi-Fi so you don’t accidentally trigger VoWiFi), and make a phone call to another number. If the “Voice Network Type” line shows “LTE,” then your phone call is being routed over LTE. Congrats, your phone supports VoLTE on your carrier! If you see anything other than LTE, like GSM, WCDMA, UMTS, or just 3G, then your phone does not support VoLTE on the network. In this case, talk to the customer support of your carrier for your next options.

Network Mode

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Just did this today . Great app and the Ticwris showed LTE “only” on T-mobile U.S.