Updated: Android smartwatch app to auto update weather on raise function

Hi! I have created an app for android smartwatches which i like to share in this community. Please find the link below.
This app fulfills two purposes:

  1. Lets you enable screen on raise function with 15 seconds timeout. This function is already there in the settings but timeout is fixed to 5 sec which is reported as too short by many community members.
  2. It auto updates the stock weather in the background at an interval of 30 minutes.
  3. Always-On display (mutually exclusive to screen on raise function)

I have tested this app on Kospet Prime only. I expect it to work on any full android watch. In order to update weather, it assumes that the stock weather package in your watch is “com.android.watchweather”. This app requires that the Battery saver setting is OFF. I have found the battery consumption of the app as minimal as settings’s screen on raise function.

Link: WeatherOnRaise - Google Drive

UPDATE: App is updated. Now you have option to enable/disable any of the two features. Now i expect it to work on android 10 watches also (tried on emulator) though not tested on actual device yet.

UPDATE2: Always-On feature added. Keep your watch in power save mode while using this feature because it consumes power. However, battery saver for this app should be off. This feature requires superuser privileges to bring the processor in powersave mode. You might need to root your watch (magisk recommended) to grant root privileges to this feature. Keep your display round for this feature. In Android 10, a notification is sent to start Always-On display. In android 7, Always-On display will start automatically when screen turns off. The screen-burn issue is taken care in this feature. As far as power consumption is concerned, i have tested Always-On display to run for a maximum of 12 hours on kospet prime.

Another update is that the app service now auto-starts on reboot.


Thank you for your work!
It works very fine on my lemfo lem 12 with Android 7.

I’ve a question for you: generally I don’t use screen on rising, I don’t like this function. Is there the possibility to add in your app the automatic weather update every 30/60 minutes also without screen on rising?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the app, I know it is a lot of work and you are giving it for free, but, I installed it in my kospet prime and, when I open it, there appear 2 buttons, one to start the service and another to stop it, but, that’s all, no settings or adjustments, and, it does nothing, I mean, is there something else to do, or look for, or what?

Thats right there’s no settings or adjustment in the app. I have kept timeout fixed to 15 seconds and weather update interval to 1 hour in the code itself. But I don’t agree that “, it does nothing”. Doesn’t it wake your screen ON and update weather when you raise your arm?

Excuse me if what I said sounded rude, in my case, the screen doesnt turn on, and the weather seems to be not updating, but that could be some problem just of mine, thanks for the app nonetheless

Thanks @Winol for your feedback. Ensure your Battery Saver (Settings->Power saving) is OFF in the settings. Then it should definitely work on Kospet Prime.

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Hi Salwan, great idea and thanks for your hard work.

I wouldn’t be able to make it work on kospet prime 2 with android 10. Battery saver is off for your app. When you hit enable service, app is crashing and service stopped message appears.

@Alessio_Savona I will see in free time whether it is possible to decouple automatic weather update and screen on rising.

@Onrbttl kospet prime 2 is Android 10 watch that’s why this app will not work on it.


Great work and thanks for sharing this with the community :+1:


I have updated the app so that there is an option to selectively enable/disable the features.


Wow! Thank you!!!

Great and thanks again

This app works awesome!

one thing I can’t tell if I like or not is that if you leave an app and the screen goes off. if you twist the wrist it goes back to home screen instead of either not working at all and having to push a button like UL or leaves it where it was like the stock lock.

This works well having it switch back to the home screen cause usually when you are looking at it you want to see the time but if you were doing anything you will lose your spot :man_facepalming:t3:

Over all super happy with the app

That was a bug in the app (switching back to home screen). I have fixed it now.


Thank’s for your job.
I’ll try it on my lemfo 14

@flexanton Pls let us know whether it is working properly on lemfo 14 watch.

no, it doesn’t work on Lemfo 14 … too bad

@flexanton Pls elaborate the exact behaviour. Does app launches properly? If yes, Are you able to start the service without issues?

it works correctly but turning the wrist does not change the duration of vision. this also with the activation of the buttons

You need to ensure that battery saver settings is OFF and setting’s screen on raise function should also be OFF. If it wakes the screen on turning the wrist then timeout cannot be less than 15 seconds. Either screen wake feature will not work at all or if it works its timeout has to be 15 seconds.

If Lemfo 14 also uses the same weather app as that of Kospet prime then weather update should also work.