Update to FAQ for 2G/3G Frequencies:  -------------------------------------------------------------------------- T-Mobile:  For U.S.

Update to FAQ for 2G/3G Frequencies:

For U.S. market, the K8/Mini/D5, and all the others, are a bad buy. 2100 3G isn’t used by itself in the U.S. (T-Mo requires 1700/2100 AWS support or 1900), and 850 3G is extremely limited.

2G coverage is slated to go away for AT&T customers by Jan 1st 2017.

If I had known would not have bought the watch. Good for the next guy considering buying.

Thanks. I think you missed my point on the T-mobile (or maybe I am not understanding your original XDA statement). I thought you were saying that in order to use 3g on T-mobile you MUST have both 1700 AND 2100 bands which this watch does not. That means that 3g will not work on this watch with t-mobile. That is huge and worth pointing out specifically as people will assume it does work (as 2100 3G is listed in the freq list). Hope I am making sense.

Ok, thanks. Will probably be a deal breaker for T-mobile users. Big difference between HSPA 3g (megs) and 2g (minor kps) for access. (assuming 2g still works) Too bad, the t-mobile; Mobile Watch data plan is only $5/month when included with regular line service.

I am right there with you man! Exact reason I am here. :slight_smile:
Did watch faces for Android Wear and then they went off and made an API that deprecated everything I did. Then I went the Gear S route (Tizen) made watch faces there too, but they are so limited and not well supported. (awesome ability for 4g/3g connections though). Tizen is so much closer to where I want to be (function wise). God forbid (on android wear) we want to go back and see an old notification or message or reply! sigh…don’t get me started. haha

LOL just hit their G+ page with same request.

@Lokifish_Marz hi ,
with engineer mode pcs 1900 is checked. i have tmobile usa and a x5.
what shoul i do else to get the 3g then? thank you

ok …even if 1900 is checked? mmm too bad …thks