Update on the Deus Ex Machina face I made,

Update on the Deus Ex Machina face I made,
using this as design

Fixed it so that it will work on newer watches and added a dark theme based on Calvin Forbes suggestion. There is a slightly different face in the black folder that can be swapped out if you prefer.

This was made using assets from @Frank_Dufaux I’m sorry if any confusion has occured. I did not make these assets, only aranged them accordingly.



Thanks @Inceptual_Games !

Wtf man I did that watch face not you

Stop stealing my work

I am sorry frank. Do you want me to remove?

I am only modifying designs I have found. If you are not OK with this then I’ll be happy to delete the files.

@Frank_Dufaux You have your watches on http://watchawear.com listed as giftware. legally this means I can modify your creations as long as I give proper credit. which I have done. Please let me know if you want these removed though, as I respect your choice on your own creations.

Where have you mentioned me no where and you claim the face I made it is pretty clear to me that you take ownership you did what on it? The graphics I doubt it. Just do it the right way and I will leave you alone

The very fist link links directly to your http://watchawear.com page. Please tell me how I can rectify this. I never meant you any offense, only to pay homage to your epic watch faces.

I’m sorry if you have been confused at all, there is a previous post where I state that this is your creation and I only used the assets. Do you wish for me to state that in this post as well?

Keep them on all I want people to be able to know who made the real work I will finish this with only one word karma

I hope they do know you made them bro. You are an epic creator for sure. Unfortunately your original designs do not work on our devices, and I hope you can be happy that someone has found a way to get your amazing work out to other people.