Update on my uploads based on the Rolex Sky-Dweller. Please feel free to comment.

Update on my uploads based on the Rolex Sky-Dweller. Please feel free to comment. Thanks

Here is the Homage to Rolex

And here is the site I found them on

New link to folder. Faces are now tweaked to be correct and you now have the choice of with or without bezel.


If you like these and would like to donate for the hard work involved, please use this link. Thank you




Great work… and some nice ideas…

@Andrew_Davis Thanks Andrew

Very nice Paul :+1:

congrats! great job

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Thank you

@Paul_Mackel Good morning… :slight_smile:

@Paul_Mackel Could you do a version without the bezel?

Good Job on these Paul. If I might comment that removing the bezel will allow these to fit better on our watch screens. The bezel tends to shrink the display. I can’t wait to see the new versions, should you decide to redo these without the bezel.

Agree with Ciro and A1 Web!

Bit busy at the moment. But be patient…:blush:

OK Guys. The bezelless ones are up. New links in OP.
Ive fixed the missing number 9 from the date. Only noticed myself yesterday when it was displaying just number 1.
Thanks for your patience.

Hello Paul, can you please share the new links ? I don’t know where “OP” is. I assumed it meant old post but when I checked the old post links the bezel skins are still there. Thanks

Yes the bezel skins are still in the zip but you now have a choice. Panel.png is with bezel and panel2.png is without bezel.

@Paul_Mackel The bezelless skins are not stretched to fill the whole display. How can I do it? I have a D5

I’ll check 2nite as at work atm. Panel2 needs to be 400x400 pixels

@Paul_Mackel I resized the skin to 400x400 pixels but the date lens has moved a bit to the left & watch hands are not longer

With these beautiful clock skins work on No.1 D5 watch?

Yes Alex as I also have the D5 watch.

estão liberados para downloads ?