UPDATE: I have made a clockskin Request for nivesh patel .

I have made a clockskin Request for @nivesh_patel .
And i have another request for @Israel_Gonzalez
for a clockskin for all launchers.
Namely the:
Fossil Q Grant Hybrid.

Made it with WFD.

I have one download link that is only working with the Universal Launcher.

And one download link that is working on all launchers
This clockskin is slightly different from the one on the picture.

The date ring(universal launcher) is turning so you can see the right date above the 12 o’clock.
And the small hand of the clock is the power indicator.

All credits to:

Download for Universal Launher:

Download for all Launchers:

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Beautifully made thank you and great work.

It is really nice, but could it be done for stock launcher? Please

@Israel_Gonzalez I have also made a version for all launchers
See download link above.
missing/deleted image from Google+

Really appreciated, thank you for your great work

@Israel_Gonzalez your welcome :slight_smile:

very nice work, well done!

@bricky_vl these watch faces are beautifully made. Well done! I’m new to this, is there a tutorial on how to install these faces, and if so would you be so kind as to direct me to the information. Thank you so much.

@Jamie_G Thank you!!
Take a look at this Youtube channel
Here you can find everything about the full android watches.