Correct information confirmed !!! Please mention RASC community when ordering. Thanks.
The X5 AIR is here. In the great race for the next best watch - here is Finow’s entry.
Price will be $119 USD from the official Finow store if you mention the RASC forum when you order. I know it’s weird but it helps keep us going and you get a cool price. This watch would normally retail for $150
This is a premium stainless steel watch, including rear cover - same build quality as the X5 Plus and the X5 before that - a classic !
Battery is 450mah, screen 400x400 class A (meaning better quality).
MTK 6580 quad core cpu, 2gb RAM and 16gb storage running Android 5.1.
The photos say it all really. The release should be next week :slight_smile:
Real photos included - not photo shopped. Click on “view album”

Woww, 2gb of ram…who the hell needs that much on a watch?
I have the original X5 with 512mb and it works flawlessly, the transitions are smooth.

Regarding the looks, it’s amazing, it’s a classic :slight_smile: and if the build is like on the older models, then you can not go wrong with this watch.

To bad that the “leather” bands are still not removeble

@Cristea-Antoniu_Crac Yes - I know what you mean. It really needs a strap company and the watch guys to come together on this. If we put the antennas inside the bezel - the connection quality is rubbish (as a watch demonstrated recently with this exact design)
The antennas really need to be external at the moment - the technology is just too expensive to do otherwise :frowning:
However - yes - a classic and at a great price too :slight_smile:

The great thing about 2gb ram is - if there should happen to be an Android 7 update in the wings - this and the new I4, could handle it :slight_smile:

are you sure about Androd 7 update Pablo11,beside the 2/16 gb this would be the main point sales and for battery life too.

I like that, coming with new builded watchfaces :grinning:

@rafael_duarte I didn’t say it was did I? I said if… Don’t go setting expectations that there will be. But if it happened, then great …
@zsolt_m hmmm they do look familiar don’t they … :slight_smile:

All the same as X5 (design), except more ram/rom. I would see if software is better than X5, but on screenshots it look also the same.

Sad No camera inside…

I use my watch stands alone
Need Cam for emergency fotos or accidents… Sometimes for notes or something else.
You don’t have to foolish it I think

@pflanzlicher_Dachdec no links to external sites - sorry mate.

@Andy_Waw take a look at the whole album as I said in the post - software is completely different. Haven’t tested it yet though.

Sorry I forgot… The Link should help to find the x5 air for 105 euros

looks really cool. Pablo if I mention that we are friend would they give me a bigger discount? lol

@gil_veber ha ha - they will not sadly :frowning: But it means you will get the watch for $119 even after the promotion has run out so it is always worth saying that you are from RASC :slight_smile:

@Zebri_Shaari_Zeb at the moment the tech needed for “always on” means a whole lot more money. @Cristea-Antoniu_Crac if you are looking for these features you will need to stump up the extra cash and go for a wear watch - which is a whole new world.
I know - I know - there are other cheaper models that have tried - but how good did they turn out ?
Remember that the kind of money you are paying here is nothing like the money for these others and you will lose the full android capability.

@pflanzlicher_Dachdec yep - but Euros are more than USD :slight_smile:

:pray:@Pablo11 you won because you’re right :wink:

@pflanzlicher_Dachdec ha ha :slight_smile: To be honest I can’t remember but it the price was in Euros then the USD price will be cheaper :slight_smile:

@tim_Collins and all members: UPDATE FROM FINOW - $109 USD for 7 days only from the official Finow store on Aliexpress. Pinned for one week to the community top posts. Get it while you can and remember to mention RASC member on order.