UPDATE: A&R Smooth Movement - gold version. Made some minor tweaks.

UPDATE: A&R Smooth Movement - gold version.

Made some minor tweaks.

It’s my own design, made completely using the powerful design program “WatchFace Designer” developed by @Marco_Ferreira . Only the hands were modified in GIMP from a hand pack of WatchAWear.


  • Battery level dial
  • Weekday dial
  • Date

Programs used: WatchFace Designer, GIMP and Clock Skin Maker.

In the ZIP file you’ll find a version in Spanish and another in English.

To download from WatchAWear:

Nice, thank you

Is working on Watchmaker?

Great. I’m glad I am enjoying your use of WFD :slight_smile:

Nice work, thanks

Thank YOU, @Marco_Ferreira ​, your WFD is quite amazing. It’s quite easy to make a clock skin like this one with your powerful designing tool.

@Jacksnake_D ​sorry it works only in the X family.

But can be instaled on a Huawei watch somehow?

No it’s not possible, and if you do it, it won’t work. @Jacksnake_D ​​​

@Alberto_Romero ​ do you mind if i try to make it in watchmaker? Amazing work!

@Faisal_Zia ​​ no problem at all. Only one thing, if you want to publish the watchmaker version, you have to give me all the credits.

Nice N Real @Alberto_Romero

Nice. Can you also make a silver version?

Dear Alberto, your produced a master piece at your first try. Be prepared to receive a lot of face requests ! Congratulations !

Nice… really like it! Thanks…