Up to now I've been doing mostly digital info and watch faces,

Up to now I’ve been doing mostly digital info and watch faces,

Well I’ve hit the wall, as I’ve been thinking of outside bezels and markers, and want to include it as a Month of the Year calendar with a hand and array array to the month, Unfortunately my talents do not include graphics creation or sufficient editing to make that happen, I’m including a crude R4 I’ve done as an example of what I’m thinking, The colours are incidental, for a face I’m thinking of.

I’m hoping some of you have those outside markers or can make a few for me easily, so I can include them with a 4th hand on the clock.

Also it you have any of the week wheels and month wheels of any size that you might be able to provide,. Many of the existing are part of existing panels and I don’t have the skills to separate them.

I’ll be uploading the more interesting to the site,

Thanks for your consideration / FA


Hi FA… here’s something for starters… I hope that other members can also send you their ideas/work so that you can pick your preferred graphic :slight_smile:


Adding the months is the trickier bit (for me) so here are just two examples of colour wheels… each is on a transparent layer 400x400, has a simple black edging and is about 20 pixels thick…

Is this the sort of thing that you’re looking for?

thanks, narrow like that is excellent, that is the kind I’m looking for as I want to do a rainbow type face for my granddaughter and the colors kind of represent the seasons, , but also would like some month/year bezels for other potential faces. I’ll look for real examples over the next day or so. Thanks / Frank

@F_A would you like me to make any changes to either/both of the wheels?
I’ll start adding the months next… :slight_smile:

Thank you for the offer, I’m trying to find examples of outside month markers for bzls, in the near term, is it easy for you to separate the week and month wheels from some of the Omega and Rolex here,


If it is easy, that would be greatly appreciated for the parts are great looking.

Thanks in advance / FA

@F_A Hi FA… I’ll give it a go… which watch in particular would you like me to work on?

If you could extract the dials of day of week and month of year dials, from the OmegaBlueSilver & if possible the PorscheDesign that would be great, at your convenience. Thanks

I’ve just realised that these are Ciro Danise
(moderator) creations… great aren’t they?
Don’t forget to give credit if using any bits and pieces… :slight_smile:

My contribution of colour wheels and months…

Wow, those are nice, thank you very much, I’ll be working on them in the next couple days. / FA